Shadows of the Past by Lark Brennan

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Archeologist Tanner Hays’ level-headed intellect and psychic ability make him the best Protector to investigate the mysterious artifact discovered on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana. 
Unfortunately, Chantal Durand—the wild child with talents of her own—has been ordered on the same mission. And she’s just as reckless, beautiful, and angry with him as he remembers.

Chantal would rather be anywhere than in the freezing wilderness with Tanner. Seven years isn’t long enough to forget the way his lips taste, or how much he hates her. But there’s no denying the effectiveness of their combined abilities or that accepting this assignment is the price she’s paying for being bailed out of trouble once again.

Unlocking the mysteries of the artifact leads to a dangerous treasure hunt with a telepathic killer hot on their heels. Forced to trust each other, old wounds open and they face the attraction that never quite died. Soon their mission turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse that tests the limits of their survival training—and their hearts.


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