Pride & Prejudice the Parlor Game

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Dealt from a deck of 400 answer cards, complete modern musings such as, “The secret to a happy marriage is….” with phrases pulled directly from Pride & Prejudice. Put a new spin on a literary classic by turning this novel of manners into a comedy of errors. 

For fans of Jane Austen and classic literature, and for fans of anything but. Not even your high school English teacher knew Jane Austen could be this uproariously clever. It’s like reading the book . . . but funner.

Sample prompt/response scenarios:

That customer was so rude! He acted like:

                                : a selfish, hypocritical woman

                                : a single man of large fortune

                                : my poor nerves

                                : two of the silliest girls in the country

Omg, last night I dreamt I was:

                                : a man of more fashion than fortune

                                : nearly a hundred thousand pounds

                                : pleasing women

                                : the only handsome girl in the room

The secret to a happy marriage is: 

                                : a bottle of wine every day

                                : a pack of foxhounds 

                                : a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages

                                : silent indignation


Price: $10.00