The Lost Botticelli by Paul Stephano

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A $50 million Donatello sculpture disappears. A Botticelli painting lost for 500 years suddenly pops up. A beloved art historian is murdered.
And curator Daniel Bradley gets caught in the middle.
Daniel Bradley’s task is simple: deliver a Donatello sculpture to Italy for a special exhibition. But before leaving, he learns that his old art professor has seen photographs of a dark painting hidden in a German castle. The mysterious painting might just be the lost Botticelli masterpiece Daniel had been seeking for a dozen years.
Daniel flies to Germany to view the painting, and The Lost Botticelli appears to have been found. But suddenly Daniel’s quiet, academic world turns upside down. The Germans want millions more for the painting than Daniel and his old professor can ever raise. And two predatory buyers with plenty of money are anxious to get their hands on the work. Meanwhile someone has switched the Donatello statue in Daniel’s care for a piece of eBay junk. Just as Daniel is about to make the greatest discovery of his life, his career is falling apart.
And then the killing begins.
Brenda's Review: Don't miss this debut novel by Paul Stefano! It's a historical art mystery featuring a young American art curator, his aging Italian mentor, a missing statue on loan from America, and the possible discovery of a lost Botticelli painting. It's fast-paced and multi-leveled and I can't wait for a second book from Stefano. Not only is the mystery itself great, this paperback original is beautiful, with French flaps, and deckled page edges. Highly recommended. 


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