The Choir Director Wore Out by Mark Schweizer

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The Choir Director Wore Out
A Liturgical Mystery
by Mark Schweizer

" It was a dark and stormy night: the wind whistled like an old man with drugstore teeth trying to teach his grandkids to say, “She sells sea shells by the sea shore,” causing the little shavers to wonder why Peepaw was suddenly talking like Daffy Duck, whether he’d just had a stroke, and if any one of them was in the will."

So begins Police Chief Hayden Konig's final opus, The Profundo Wore Pantaloons. His writing skills have not improved (despite using Raymond Chandler's typewriter to bang out his hard-boiled prose), but his crime solving prowess is still first rate. He'll need it, since murder seems to abound in the little Appalachian town of St. Germaine, North Carolina.

St. Germaine is in a season of change: a couple of new shops have appeared on the square; the Great Smoky Mountain Renaissance Festival has just opened out at Camp Possumtickle; and St. Barnabas Church has a new priest, straight from France.
As well as having his Episcopal appointment from the bishop, Father Moneyduck is also a famous mystery author and detective. It's a good thing, because the police department has a raft of homicides on its hands with no end in sight. Of course, they do things a little differently in France …

Hayden Konig's 15th (and final!) mystery —
The Choir Director Wore Out
It’s not what you expect ...
it’s even funnier!


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