Nature Anatomy: Birds Puzzle (500 pieces)

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This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle beckons bird lovers and fans of Julia Rothman’s illustrations alike, with a colorful array of charming bird, nest, and feather illustrations from the pages of Rothman's Nature Anatomy.
  Piece together a bevy of birds, nests, and feathers with this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring charming illustrations from Julia Rothman’s best-selling Anatomy book series.

A flight of fancy for bird-loving puzzlers of all ages! As the high-quality, vibrantly colored interlocking pieces are assembled, a wonderful world of birds appears, along with educational labels identifying species and their habitats. Packaged in a sturdy box and including a mini poster of the puzzle for reference or framing, the completed puzzle measures 23 4/5” x 19”.

Learn how to identify different kinds of feathers, spot the difference between the eggs of a California Thrasher and Blue Jay, and understand the anatomy of a Blue Grosbeak; This puzzle is a hands-on educational challenge for adults, kids, or families – anyone interested in birds and the wonders of the natural world.


List price: $19.95
Price: $19.95