Midnight Dance 1000-Piece Puzzle

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Reduce your screen time with mindful gaming and modern art with this stunning adult jigsaw puzzle, Midnight Dance.

Midnight Dance is a vibrant jigsaw puzzle from the fabulous world of EttaVee. Celebrated artist and designer Jessi Raulet is inspired by life in France, travel adventures, tropical settings, colorful fruit and pop culture. Her hand-painted, bright and bold designs and Midnight Dance shows off optimistic color palettes that are packed with good vibes.

For adult puzzlers who enjoy a challenge, Midnight Dance takes between three and ten hours to create. The results are well worth the effort and you'll be ready to frame the artwork once it's completed – or dismantle to create all over again!

Completed puzzle measurements are 19.3 x 27 inches.


List price: $19.99
Price: $19.99