Terry Hayes with Tom Abrahams

Join us for a discussion with Tom Abrahams and Terry Hayes, as Hayes discusses his debut thriller I Am Pilgrim (Atria; $26.99).

Terry Hayes began his career as a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald, when as foreign correspondent in the US he covered Watergate and President Nixon's resignation, among many major international stories. He then went on to become a successful screenwriter, having written the screenplays for Mad Max 2, Dead Calm, Bangkok Hilton, Payback and From Hell. He lives in Sydney with his wife and four children.





Tom Abrahams  is a Texas television reporter and anchor who has spent 20 years covering local, national, and international news.

He's interviewed Presidents, cabinet members, and leaders in congress.  He's reported live from the White House, Capitol Hill, and the United Nations. 

Tom's covered five national political conventions. He has flown with presidential candidates, gone backstage at their rallies, and broken stories about them on television and online.

He was at the Pentagon while smoke still rose in the hours after 9/11 and was in the room when Secretary Colin Powell made his case to the U.N. Security Council for war against Iraq.
Tom lives in the Houston suburbs with his wife, Courtney, and their two children. 

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 6:30pm

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2342 Bissonnet St
77005 Houston
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I Am Pilgrim: A Thriller Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781439177723
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Atria/Emily Bestler Books - May 27th, 2014

This astonishing debut espionage thriller depicts the collision course between two geniuses, one a tortured hero and one a determined terrorist, in a breakneck story reminiscent of John le Carre and Robert Ludlum at their finest. 

PILGRIM is the code name for a world class and legendary secret agent. His adversary is a man known only to the reader as the Saracen. As a young boy, the Saracen barely sees his dissident father beheaded in a Saudi Arabian public square. But the event marks him for life and creates a burning desire to destroy the special relationship between the US and the Kingdom. Everything in the Saracen's life from this moment forward will be in service to jihad. 

At the novel's opening, we find ourselves in a seedy hotel near Ground Zero. A woman lies face down in a pool of acid, features melted off her face, teeth missing, fingerprints gone. The room has been sprayed down with DNA-eradicating antiseptic spray. All the techniques are pulled directly from Pilgrim's book, a cult classic of forensic science written under a pen name. 

In offering the NYPD some casual assistance with the case, Pilgrim gets pulled back into the intelligence underground. What follows is a thriller that jockeys between astonishingly detailed character study and breakneck globetrotting. The author shifts effortlessly from Pilgrim's hidden life of leisure in Paris to the Saracen's squalid warrior life in Afghanistan, from the hallways of an exclusive Swiss bank to the laboratories of a nefarious biotech facility in Syria. 

The inevitable encounter between Pilgrim and the Saracen will come in Turkey, around the murder of a wealthy American, in a thrilling, twisting, beautifully orchestrated finale.

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Allegiance Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781618689955
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Post Hill Press - January 28th, 2014

A sniper team takes aim at a gubernatorial candidate.  A political aide is kidnapped and interrogated about the encrypted iPods he’s carried around the globe.  A research scientist on the verge of an earth-shaking breakthrough disappears from his secretly funded university lab.  All three are connected in a battle over something so small it takes a high-powered microscope to see it.  As the pieces of a Texas-sized conspiracy collide, will the unwitting hero at the center of it succeed in saving his life and the Republic?  Or will those trying to silence him prove too powerful in a world where there is no allegiance. 

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