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"Where Anthony Burgess sought to conjure a world of abstract flair and inexplicable cruelty in A Clockwork Orange, Yi strikes a far deeper chord, delving into the mind of a youth whose lethal motivations are abundantly and undeniably troubling.
-World Literature Today

On a normal day in provincial China, a bored high-school student goes about his regular business. But he’s planning the brutal murder of his only friend, a talented violinist. He invites her round, strangles her, stuffs her body into a washing machine and flees town. On the run, he is initially anxious, but soon he alerts the police to his whereabouts, surrenders to undercover agents in a pool bar, and sabotages all efforts by China’s judiciary system, a steady stream of psychologists and his family to overturn the death penalty, all without ever showing a shred of remorse.

A PERFECT CRIME is both a vision of China’s heart of darkness the despair that traps the rural poor and the incoherent rage lurking behind their phlegmatic front and a technically brilliant excursion into the claustrophobic realm of classic horror and suspense.
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ISBN-13: 9781780747064
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication Date: May 17th, 2015