The 86th Village (Paperback)

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Throughout Southern India, eighty-six villages are set to completely submerge due to a government-sanctioned dam across the Krishna river. One such village, Nilgi, has so far avoided the illegal iron-ore mining and floods that have ravaged the district for decades, believing itself to be indestructible and incorruptible despite warnings of impending doom. With whole mountains disappearing from the mining around Nilgi over time, the threat of a flood submerging the entire village is imminent.

One night, Reshma, a young orphan girl, appears alone in the village. The villagers take her to Raj Nayak--the patriarch of Nilgi's leading family who has been spearheading anti-dam movements. For years he's been lobbying the corrupt government for fair compensation to the people who will lose their livelihoods and property to the mines and the flood. But Reshma's presence, and the mystery of her origins, sets off a chain of events threatening the protests, the family, and Nilgi itself. Soon, secrets and corruption flood the village along with the waters.

About the Author

Sena Desai Gopal is a journalist specializing in science and medicine, food, and travel. Her work has been published in The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, Modern Farmer, and The Times of India, among others. Sena was born in Southern India, in a small village where her family has lived for eighteen generations--a village doomed to submerge as a result of The Upper Krishna Project--and she grew up on stories of its residents and of politics. She now lives in Boston with her husband and two children. Sena can be found at and on Twitter at @senadesaigopal
Product Details
ISBN: 9781951709747
ISBN-10: 1951709748
Publisher: Agora Books
Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
Pages: 278
Language: English