King Death/I Am Still the Greatest Says Johnny Angelo (No Exit Ace Doubles) (Paperback)

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I Am Still the Greatest Says Johnny Angelo is Nik Cohn's hymn to rock as myth, in all its crazed, absurd and glorious excess. Johnny Angelo is the pop star to end all pop stars--narcissistic, mock-heroic, and massively destructive. The novel follows his progress from warped infancy to final messianic explosion. A cool and highly original read, which Bowie once claimed inspired Ziggy Stardust. King Death is part nightmare, part modern fairytale and wholly original. Eddie is a strange man with an extraordinary talent--he administers Death. His subjects, he explains, are thrilled and transported. When America's most successful TV entrepreneur witnesses Eddie in action, they literally ride to glory on the Deliverance Special, a train carrying King Death and his huge entourage all over America.

About the Author

Nik Cohn covered the Swinging Sixties for the Observer, the Sunday Times, Playboy, Queen and the New York Times. Later he moved to America and wrote a short story that was filmed as Saturday Night Fever. His other books include Triksta: Life and Death and New Orleans Rap and Arfur, which helped inspire the Who's Tommy.
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ISBN: 9781843448976
ISBN-10: 1843448971
Publisher: Oldcastle Books
Publication Date: November 1st, 2017
Pages: 288
Language: English
Series: No Exit Ace Doubles