When the Dead Awaken (Hardcover)

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A crane cable breaks while loading a ship in Naples, sending a container crashing to the ground and disgorging its grisly contents: the corpses of illegal workers destined for a discreet burial at sea as well as the remains of two Italian citizens from the witness protection program. Assigned to the case is Sabrina D'Avalos, a district attorney whose father--a prominent police officer known for his zealous pursuit of organized crime--was murdered by the mafia. Young and gifted, she is driven to see her father's killers broughtto justice.
As she investigates the case, D'Avalos uncovers an unusual link among the dead workers, the bodies of the civilians, and her father's death: the fashion industry. As she begins to tease out a connection between all these deaths and the Camorra-run "fauxture" business, she herself becomes a target of a mafia assassin.
In this psychologically taut thriller from Danish bestselling author Steffen Jacobsen, the young attorney finds that unless she is quick on her feet and utterly ruthless in her tactics, her hunt for the truth may just come at the ultimate price.

About the Author

Steffen Jacobsen is an orthopedic surgeon and consultant. This is his third novel. He was inspired to write When The Dead Awaken by Roberto Saviano's non-fiction book, Gomorrah, about the Camorra and by his travels around Italy. He lives in Denmark.
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ISBN: 9781623658687
ISBN-10: 1623658683
Publisher: Quercus Books
Publication Date: January 6th, 2015
Pages: 464
Language: English