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70 years after Pearl Harbor drew the US into World War II, a sinister secret--remnants of covert research done by the Army--haunts the Keaton School.

Less than two months have passed since Devon Mackintosh uncovered the truth about the apparent suicide of Keaton's golden boy and her unrequited love, Hutch. But solving Hutch's murder has put all eyes on her in the small Keaton School community. When she is knocked unconscious on a New Year's Eve cruise, it's clear that her life is in danger, too. In the aftermath of the attack, Devon must attend a weekly meeting with Dr. Jocelyn Hsu, a shrink who refuses to believe Devon's account of the "accident."
With nowhere else to go, Devon turns to the only people she can trust: Hutch's terminally ill grandfather, Reed, and his heirs, Bodhi and Raven. Before Reed dies, he gives Devon a mysterious journal from his youth, revealing a secret pact among three powerful families. With only Reed's words for guidance, Devon fights to unearth the truth Reed's enemies are still willing to kill for.

About the Author

Margaux Froley grew up in Santa Barbara, California. She attended two boarding schools during her high school years, one in Southern California and another in Oxford, England, and ever since then she has been a fan of boarding school stories. Margaux has been writing and producing television for over a decade and has worked for such networks as: TLC, CMT, Travel Channel, MTV, HGTV, and the CW. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and dog. Hero Complex is her second novel.

Praise For…

Praise for Escape Theory

"Escape Theory is a riveting psychological journeyMargaux Froley truly nails it. The characters sing on the pages, the mystery leaves you breathless, and the world is spooky but recognizableyou feel like you're in the thick of things with Devon every step of the way. I will never think of Nutter Butters the same again, and I can't wait for the next Keaton School installment!"
—Sara Shepard
"Escape Theory kept me up way past curfew, with no regrets."
—Cecily von Ziegesar
"A stellar debut ... With a heady mix of mystery and emotional turmoil, Froley gives readers compelling character development."
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review
"This is Froley's first novel and and I can't wait for her to bring another book out. I loved the strong lead characters and finally a teen girl who doesn't give everything up for the perfect guyDevon's guy is far from it. If you like a mystery, a good teen story or a bunch of very different characters, this is for you."
The Guardian

Product Details
ISBN: 9781616953201
ISBN-10: 1616953209
Publisher: Soho Teen
Publication Date: October 14th, 2014
Pages: 214
Language: English
Series: Keaton School Novel