The Four Corners of Palermo (Paperback)

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A noir and sensual page-turner that cracks open the Mafia's secret world through the stories of four lives

Palermo in the 1980s is a perfect place for a young crime reporter to get his start. The Sicilian Mafia is at work, threatening, wounding, and killing anyone who dares to defy their orders. Our protagonist is himself no angel, hardly compassionate, a bit macho and egocentric, but candid in his recounting of what has unfolded in front of his eyes both on the job and in his private life.

Di Piazza, who is also a Sicilian journalist, tells his stories as if he were reporting actual events. His description of the tense bravado of a youth growing up in the midst of Mafia terror is strikingly acute.

About the Author

Guiseppe Di Piazza began his career in journalism in 1979 with the newspaper L'Ora. He has worked for such Italian publications as Sette, where he was Director, and for Max as Editor-in-Chief. He teaches a Masters course in journalism at the IULM University of Milan and is currently an editorial director at Correire della Sera. THE FOUR CORNERS OF PALERMO is his first novel and his English debut. Antony Shugaar is an author and translator. His most recent translations include AS IT IS ON EARTH by Davide Enia, A Pimp's Notes by Giorgio Faletti, Swimming to Elba by Silvia Avallone, Romanzo Criminale by Giancarlo De Cataldo, and Story of My People by Edoardo Nesi (Other Press). The author lives in Milan, Italy.

Praise For…

"Di Piazza recounts the people and the lives destroyed by violence with felicitous accuracy in his selection of details and psychological motivations, but he also gives us a vivid portrait of Palermo, lovely at times, like a postcard, with that climate, that light, that blue sea, and at other times a monstrous, alien city." --CORRIERE DELLA SERA

"A book written on two registers: on the one hand, pure noir, dramatically bound up with the story of Palermo, the city of a Mafia bloodbath in the 1980s, and on the other hand, a generational tale, young people chasing after their utopian dreams to the notes of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Emerson Lake & Palmer." --GIORNALE DI SICILIA

"Four nested stories, like four movements of a symphony, where the allegro, the adagio, the grave, and the scherzo continually intermingle" --IL MESSAGERO

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ISBN: 9781590516652
ISBN-10: 1590516656
Publisher: Other Press (NY)
Publication Date: October 21st, 2014
Pages: 231
Language: English