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Set in the Basque Country of Spain, The Invisible Guardian is a captivating debut police procedural. Detective Amaia Salazar is young, obsessive, and just a little bit troubled. In Invisible Guardian, Amaia finds herself back in her hometown, investigating a possible connection in the ritual-style killings of two teenage girls. Confronted with her past and a possible serial killer, Salazar must wrestle with her own demons and the demons of Basque Country to solve the case. Redondo's writing is evocative, humid, mystical. Perfect for fans of True Detective, Ian Rankin, and all the other maverick detectives we know and love. The first in a trilogy, The Invisible Guardian is already a best seller in Europe and will soon be available in 30 languages. 

— Sam


Already a #1 international bestseller, this tautly written and gripping psychological thriller forces a police inspector to reluctantly return to her hometown in Basque Country a place engulfed in mythology and superstition to solve a series of eerie murders.

When the naked body of a teenage girl is found on a riverbank in Basque Country, Spain, homicide inspector Amaia Salazar must return to the hometown she always sought to escape. A dark secret from Amaia's past plagues her with nightmares, and as her investigation deepens, the old pagan beliefs of the community threaten to derail her astute detective work. The lines between mythology and reality begin to blur, and Amaia must discover whether the crimes are the work of a ritualistic killer or of a mythical creature known as the "Basajaun," the Invisible Guardian.

Torn between the rational procedures of her job and the local superstitions of a region shaped by the Spanish Inquisition, Amaia fights against the demons of her past in order to track down a killer on the run.

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ISBN: 9781511374057
ISBN-10: 1511374055
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: April 2016
Language: English