Mean Business on North Ganson Street (Hardcover)

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A distraught businessman kills himself after a short, impolite conversation with a detective named Jules Bettinger. Because of this incident, the unkind (but decorated) policeman is forced to relocate himself and his family from Arizona to the frigid north, where he will work for an understaffed precinct in Victory, Missouri. This collapsed rustbelt city is a dying beast that devours itself and its inhabitants...and has done so for more than four decades. Its streets are covered with dead pigeons and there are seven hundred criminals for every law enforcer.

Partnered with a boorish and demoted corporal, Bettinger investigates a double homicide in which two policemen were slain and mutilated. The detective looks for answers in the fringes of the city and also in the pasts of the cops with whom he works--men who stomped on a local drug dealer until he was disabled.

Bettinger soon begins to suspect that the double homicide is not an isolated event, but a prelude to a series of cop executions...

The author, S. Craig Zahler, is currently adapting Mean Business on North Ganson Street into a movie for Warner Brothers; Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio are both attached to the project.

About the Author

S. CRAIG ZAHLER's debut western novel, A Congregation of Jackals was nominated for both the Peacemaker and the Spur awards, and his western screenplay, The Brigands of Rattleborge, garnered him a three-picture deal at Warner Brothers. In 2011, Asylum Blackout was made from his script and picked up by IFC Films. In 2013, his brutal western novel, Wraiths of the Broken Land was published. Currently, he navigates preproduction on his directorial debut--Bone Tomahawk, which will star Kurt Russell.
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ISBN: 9781250052209
ISBN-10: 1250052203
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Publication Date: September 30th, 2014
Pages: 304
Language: English