The Madagaskar Plan (Hardcover)

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Guy Saville's "The Madagaskar Plan" imagines a disturbing alternate history in which Nazi victory in World War II brings their "Final Solution" ever closer

The year is 1953. There is peace in Europe, but a victorious Germany consolidates power in Africa. The lynchpin to its final solution is Madagaskar. Hitler has ordered the resettlement of European Jews to the remote island.

British forces conspire to incite colony-wide revolt, resting their hopes on the expertise of Reuben Salois, an escaped leader of Jewish resistance.

Ex-mercenary Burton Cole scours the island for his wife and child. But as chaos descends and the Nazis brutally suppress the nascent insurrection, Cole must decide whether he is master of-or at the mercy of-history.

"The Madagaskar Plan" is alternate history of the highest order, a thriller of terrifying scope based on the Nazis' actual plans prior to the Holocaust.

About the Author

Guy Saville is the author of The Afrika Reich, an international bestseller. Born in 1973, Saville has lived in South America and North Africa, and is currently based in the UK.
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ISBN: 9780805095951
ISBN-10: 0805095950
Publisher: Henry Holt & Company
Publication Date: August 4th, 2015
Pages: 480
Language: English