Marked for Revenge (Mass Market Paperbound)

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MARKED FOR REVENGE...TRAINED FOR DEATH International bestselling author Emelie Schepp features the enigmatic Jana Berzelius in this suspenseful second novel. When a young Thai girl overdoses smuggling drugs, all signs point to the one criminal MMA-trained public prosecutor Jana Berzelius most wants to destroy--Danillo. Eager to erase any evidence of her sordid childhood, Berzelius must secretly hunt down this deadly nemesis with whom she shared a horrific past. Meanwhile, the police are zeroing in on the elusive head of the long-entrenched Swedish narcotics trade, who goes by the name The Old Man. No one has ever met this shadowy mastermind. Berzelius craves to know his identity, even as she clandestinely tracks down Danillo, who threatens to out her. She must kill him first, before he can reveal her secrets. As she prepares for the fight of her life, Berzelius discovers an even more insidious betrayal--one that will entangle her inextricably in this deeply entrenched network of crime.
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ISBN: 9780778330295
ISBN-10: 077833029X
Publisher: Mira Books
Publication Date: August 29th, 2017
Pages: 512
Language: English