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For fans of Harlan Coben's "Tell No One" and Joseph Finder s" Paranoia "a high-octane thriller featuring a tech consultant who unwittingly steps into the rabbit hole of corporate cover-ups and finds that his highly demanding job has suddenly become highly dangerous.
From Andrew Grant, the critically acclaimed author hailed by Nelson DeMille as a little bit of le Carre and Ian Fleming, but with more grit and a sharper edge, comes a thrilling novel of suspense that hits the ground running when an innocent man suddenly finds himself a moving target.
Marc Bowman, a highly successful computer consultant and software designer, walks into his job at a major tech company one morning only to find himself fired on the spot, stonewalled by his boss, and ushered out of the building. Then things get worse: An explosive argument drives his wife away and a robbery threatens to yank a million-dollar idea and his whole future out from under him. In a matter of hours, Marc has gone from having it all to being sucker-punched by fate. But it's only Monday, and before the week is over, he ll be stalked, ambushed, wiretapped, arrested, duped, double- and triple-crossed until he can t tell enemies from allies.
Suddenly, the only thing standing between him and the wrath of everyone from the FBI to Homeland Security to his desperate ex-bosses is a flash drive full of data that might just be the holy grail of high-tech secrets and a holy terror in the wrong hands. Now, as the gloves come off and the guns come out, turning back is hopeless and giving up is madness. The only person left for Marc to trust is himself. And the only thing left to do is keep running or end up a dead man walking.
Praise for "Run"
Readers who enjoy corporate espionage will enjoy "Run"]. "Booklist"
Fast-moving . . . high on adrenaline. "Publishers Weekly"
Twists and surprises abound, the pace never slows, and the writing satisfies. So go ahead, read and enjoy this one. "Kirkus Reviews"
"Run" is an incredibly smart thriller, using current technology and security concerns mixed with old-school tactics to create breathless suspense. . . . The plot twists continue right up to the very last page, and the action propels the story forward, sweeping the reader right along with it. For a fast-paced, tension-fueled thriller where shady characters abound, add "Run" to your list. "Crimespree Magazine"
"Run" is brilliantly crafted and lightning-paced. "BookPage"
Run to the bookstore and check out Andrew Grant's "Run." "Kings River Life Magazine"
Breathtakingly fast-paced. Harlan Coben
Smart, fast, and blazing with nonstop surprises, "Run" owned me from the first page and, man, those pages kept turning This is a perfect thriller. Robert Crais
An adrenaline-fueled thrill ride that will have your head spinning and your heart pounding. Joseph Finder
A fast-paced, sleek thrill ride. Andrew Grant knows how to keep you turning the pages. Jeff Abbott
High stakes, high tension, and nonstop action . . . Don t even try to predict where this taut thriller is headed. Just hang on and enjoy this smart, original, and fast-paced adventure. Hank Phillippi Ryan.

About the Author

Andrew Grant was born in Birmingham, England. He attended the University of Sheffield, where he studied English literature and drama. He has run a small independent theater company, and he has worked in the telecommunications industry for fifteen years. Grant and his wife, the novelist Tasha Alexander, divide their time between Chicago and the United Kingdom, where he is at work on his next thriller.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780345540720
ISBN-10: 0345540727
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: October 7th, 2014
Pages: 269
Language: English