Abbreviated Hours

As of midnight tonight, Houston and Harris County have issued a "Stay at Home" order through April 3rd. In compliance with that order, we'll be closed to the public for the duration.

Someone will be answering the phone Monday through Saturday from 11-3, and we'll be processing orders remotely. If you call (713-524-8597) and leave a message, we'll get back to you between 11 and 3.

Because we'll be processing orders remotely, the best way to reach us will be through email ( McKenna will be stopping by the store daily to check on things and receive shipments. We've been in touch with our distributors and delivery drivers and they've all assured us that things are running smoothly.

Looking for ways to support us until we're open again?

Stock up! Books don't expire!

All stocked up right now, but know you'll need another book soon? We have gift cards in any denomination.

Know of a book you'd like but it's not out yet?
Pre-order it on our website or call/email any time.

Know of a book you'd like, but it's not a mystery? We can order almost anything and, assuming shipping continues as normal, you'll have it in within a week.

We're offering free media mail shipping on orders over $50.

Love audiobooks? Consider signing up for
and choosing MBTB as your bookstore.

Read digitally? Sign up for Kobo Ebooks through our website
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Want to support booksellers in need? Consider making a donation to the BINC Foundation. Hopefully we will weather this storm, but that's not going to be true for many.