A Murder To Die For by Stevyn Colgan


When hordes of people descend on the picturesque village of Nasely for the annual celebration of its most famous resident, murder mystery writer Agnes Crabbe, events take a dark turn as the festival opens with a shocking death.

Each year the residents are outnumbered by crowds dressed as Crabbe's best-known character, the lady detective Millicent Cutter. The weekend is never a mild-mannered affair as fan club rivalries bubble below the surface, but tensions reach new heights whena second Crabbe devotee is found murdered.

Though the police are quick to arrive on the scene, the facts are tricky to ascertain as the witnesses, suspects and victim are all dressed as Miss Cutter. And they all want to solve that crime too . . .

"Every year, fans of mystery author Agnes Crabbe flock to a small English village for a festival honoring the author and her detective Millicent Cutter (think Phyrne Fisher). The celebration turns deadly when fans (known as Millies) start turning up dead. How do you solve a murder when you've got an entire town of amateur sleuths dressed as their favorite detective trying to solve it too? I can't remember the last time a mystery made me laugh out loud this much. A Murder to Die For is a super fun send-up of the mystery genre and fandom." - John

Price: $14.95
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