Nola StoryCon 2017

  • Want to make sure the book you must have isn’t sold out at the convention? Order or pre-order your copy from Murder By The Book and specify that it is to be signed at Nola StoryCon.
  • Can’t make it to Nola StoryCon but you would still like signed copies of your favorite books by your favorite authors? Go to Murder By The Book and reserve your copies, specifying that they are for Nola StoryCon. Murder By The Book will ensure that they get signed during Nola StoryCon and then shipped to you.
  • Visit for more infomartion about the convention.

Please note we are no longer taking orders for StoryCon. 

Preorders are up! Authors are listed on the following pages by their last names!

How many books can I bring from home to get signed? 

For the mass signing, each attendee will be allowed to bring up to 10 “books from home.” Please note that this is up to 10 books PER ATTENDEE, not per author. All “from home” books will need to be stickered by event staff, or they will not be allowed in the signing. 

Important exceptions: the 10 “books from home” does not apply to any pre-orders handled by our official book seller, Murder By The Book, when those books are purchased with the notation that they are to be signed at the NolaStoryCon event. These books will be distributed at Nola StoryCon and will also be pre-stickered for your convenience. Also, any books given away as prizes at Nola StoryCon will not count toward the 10 “books from home” limitations, and will also be pre-stickered for your convenience.