MBTB Mugs & Tote Bags

SKU: ReadLocalMug

These new 11 ounce mugs feature the "Read Local" logo on one side and our logo on the other. 











SKU: ReadLocaTotes

These tote bags feature the "Read Local" logo on the back, and our logo on the front.

14" wide x 15 1/2" tall x 5" gusset.

Natural Cotton

22" Handles 

MBTB _Totes











SKU: poisoncup










These  MBTB double-walled plastic cups have a poison logo on the front and the store information on the back. They come with a straw and are dishwasher safe. 


Our MBTB is black and features the MBTB store logo in red.  This mug measures 5 inches tall.   


SKU: Poekadot

Canvas book bags with your favorite classic cover art and fun literary interpretations. An Out of Print tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.

- 100% cotton canvas 
- Inner pocket
- Flat tote
- 14.5" w x 16.5" h
- 9" strap (hanging)
- Made in the USA

SKU: GibbsSmithTote

These tote bags are 14" wide x 15 1. 2" tall x 5" gusset, natural cotton, 22" handles, and available in three styles (from left to right: Sherlock, <3 Books, Big Books).