A Barrow Boy's Cadenza (Paperback)

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A double murder, rocket attacks, and a sinister plot have DCI Jack Austin undercover and trying to keep solve a case that goes far above his station

DCI Jack Austin--Jane to his friends and the not-so-friendly--knew he shouldn't have come in to work. Following a terrorist bomb, an incident with a tutu, and a hangover that would fell an elephant, investigating dead dogs, dodging bullets, and being pulled sopping wet from a naval harbor is not conducive to a sunny disposition. But when the Head of Armed Forces and a City banker are brutally murdered, what's a dashing DCI to do? FORCE, a powerful Star Chamber, is under threat and Jack will need to go deep undercover to get to the bottom of the sinister plot. As revelations and rocket attacks threaten to turn his world upside down (and ruin his best pair of trousers), Jack will need courage, skill, and a huge dose of lady luck if he is to bring to justice the perpetrators of a nefarious plot that goes all the way to the Prime Minister's office. As the trail leads to a showdown at the Albert Hall, Jack Austin, quintessential jumped up barrow boy (social climber out of his league) and Portsmouth's very own self-styled national icon, must fight to save his reputation, the country, and the lives of those who matter most. And he must work out just what a dead dog has to do with it all.

About the Author

Pete Adams is an architect and the author of the Kind Hearts and Martinets series.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781909273962
ISBN-10: 1909273961
Publisher: Urbane Publications
Publication Date: September 15th, 2015
Pages: 360
Language: English
Series: Kind Hearts and Martinets