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Mo Hayder, who writes dark, perfect thrillers . . . now spins a shivery tale about a cult on the west coast of Scotland, where the weather nourishes bleak menace. Sherryl Connelly, "New York Daily News"
Another astonishing mutation of the crime thriller . . . "Pig Island"] masterfully exposes not only the horror but also the human frailty at the story's core. Anna Mundow, "The Boston Globe"
From Edgar Award winner and internationally bestselling author Mo Hayder, "Pig Island" is a riveting, disturbing thriller of religious fanatics, hoax debunkers, and the dark side of belief. Journalist Joe Oakes makes a living exposing supernatural hoaxes, but when he visits a secretive religious cult on a remote Scottish island, everything he thought he knew is overturned. While investigating a strange apparition caught briefly on film wandering the lonely beaches of Pig Island, so deformed it can hardly be human, Oakes crosses a border of electrical fencing, toxin-filled oil drums, and pigs skulls to infiltrate the territory of the group's isolated founder, Malachi Dove. The violent consequences of Oakes's transgression are so catastrophic that it forces him to question the nature of evil and to face a terrible reality: was Dove responsible for one of the bloodiest crimes Scotland has seen in years? And, worse, have his actions set into motion a killing machine that will stop at nothing?
A novel that taps into the current fascination with all things supernatural and questions our assumptions about a number of subjects, from faith healing to cultish religious groups and society's definition of evil. Marilyn Stasio, "The New York Times Book Review"
Mo Hayder has a profound ability to shock and surprise her readers, and "Pig Island" surpasses anything she has written before. She's the bravest writer I know. Karin Slaughter, author of "Cop Town.

About the Author

Mo Hayder won the Edgar Award for Best Novel for "Gone" and the 2011 Crime Writers Association Dagger in the Library Award for outstanding body of work. She is also the author of "Birdman," "The Treatment," "The Devil of Nanking," "Ritual," "Skin," "Hanging Hill," "Poppet," and "Wolf." She lives in England.

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ISBN: 9780802123404
ISBN-10: 0802123406
Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: March 10th, 2015
Pages: 352
Language: English